Rombout Oomen en Fleur Lamers, 2014


The book, with proportional dimensions of the original work of art, was created on the occasion of the unveiling of the monumental art banner (52 x 25 m) on the A'DAM Tower (formerly Overhoeks Tower) in Amsterdam North on 26th March 2014. The book contains the description of the creation of the artwork and essays by Bas Kok, Anne Marie Hoogland and Noorje de Leij on the history of Amsterdam-North, the meaning of the swan as a symbol of Amsterdam-North and the role of the swan in the art of painting.

Product information
authors: Rombout Oomen, Fleur Lamers, Anne Marie Hoogland, Bas Kok, Noortje de Leij
design: Marjolijn Stappers (with Rombout Oomen)
size: 24 x 12 cm
cover: softback/hardback
language: Dutch
edition: 300, of which 50 hardback, numbered and signed
illustrations: full color
number of pages: 72
ISBN: 978-90-821988-0-5
price: € 15,95

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