Is a visual and auditory installation that concerns the ‘now’.
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The installation consists partly of a painting, a monumental triptych and partly of a three-dimensional work, a black cube that relates materially and substantively to the painted work. This project is currently a work in progress.

The project is an expression of my personal vision of our present time and where we are headed or at what threshold we find ourselves as a society. It is an optimistic work about the future, which emerges from the present. 
The design is colourful, powerful, dynamic, extravert and monumental. The entire work is at the same time a contra-form of itself; it represents full and empty, hollow and sphere, life and death, light and dark. 
The work tells a story for which there are no words yet, because in my opinion the subject made itself known, but it is still an abstraction. Just as one cannot know how large a forest is, one knows when one is in a forest.

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