Leipzig, winter 2016. I am working on the large painting “Renaissance of Wonder I”, as an old story drops into my mind...
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I recall a legend of King David receiving a letter, being threatened by seven armies. He answers he will attack with 700 armies instead. I was listening the White strips, making sweat drip out of every pore.
Suddenly, a rapture of fundamental rage of wanting to create without any rational barriers. Blinded by creational fury, I wrote in my diary

F**k reason, this is the time of the Holy Spirit! My Nightmare Neon Funky Deer, dear. Ever harder lust, brighter, f**king deeper. I’ll dig you tougher, the brighter the better! This is the time of Me.
You don’t understand man, you’re wrong man. I’m right. I’ll deduce, I’ll tell you where the boundary is. It’s on the Rhein man, on the Limes. I’m right, you’re wrong. Except for Martin Luther King, he’s more right than I am. The Holy Spirit, it’s forever coming!

And seven pictures kick in. Pictures, one series, no rational clue. Imaginary logics, painterly logics, visual sincerity.
Later, this clue developed into a horizontal and a vertical concept. Every picture of the first seven is demanding an individual answer to itself, hence six pictures behind the first series of seven are about to be painted: the Seven nation army cycle.