"... I don’t recognize myself in my music anymore, everything has been recognized, known. I can not find an answer there, no answers where I took them for granted...
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Wealth: David's Marat. Manet's Whistler, Rembrandt's golden helmet. Aggression. The urge.

The urge, it does not sound like a familiar tone me anymore. I've lost the tone. I'm in a void that cries irrevocably for shape. I do not know what kind, because the answers I know give satisfaction no more.
What has Slumberland Manifesto done to me? The work is not even finished. Give me new sound!. I want to undergo the love of 7 and not only hear and recognize it. It's not enough anymore.
And I’m out black paint. I want to undergo the golden trees, the total freedom without recognizing them as obsolete. I can not go back, because that gives me no gratification.

May 7, 2015 "

These personal notes form the basis for the Kampf der Titanen series. A group of works, which is sheer and solely the subject of itself. This series will gratify a visual documentary of answers to my fundamental opinion on my work as an artist. My personal perspective is found in continually explore artistic content in unexplored imaginary environments. As a search for that which is seemingly irretrievable. A search for my personal need to depict. A battle of Titans.