NOVA LUX Publishers loves the use of beautiful and correct language and the overall design of the book. Both are equally important.

NOVA LUX Publishers publishes mainly non-fiction, with topics such as art, culture, documentary, science, as well as cookbooks. In short, NOVA LUX Publishers specializes in Humanism.  

NOVA LUX Publishers are always looking for that one niche in the book world, which has not yet been discovered, and also embraces small opportunities and ideas. Books are taken care of in a close collaboration with the authors.

NOVA LUX Publishers was founded by the artist Rombout Oomen in March 2014, with the book "Swan, Roadmap to North". The publishing company is located in the former shipyard NDSM in Amsterdam North. Today, this shipyard is the largest creative breeding ground of the Netherlands.

NOVA LUX Publishers believes in beautiful books and supported artists, scientists and ideas from people whom like to publish their aspirations in bookform.

NOVA LUX Publishers: Knowledge is sharing.