Oil, enamel, acrylic, spray paint on canvas, linen, polyester on a steal frame
12x11,5 meter; 137,5 m
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2013, Following a studio relocation, a collaboration with a new art-gallery and therefore re-planning archival works, the idea occured to destroy my old paintwork in order to create out the destructed paintings a new large work of art, as a patchwork. 

A patchwork usually has a narrative meaning, the portraying one's life on the basis of collected rags from different periods of one's life.
To destroy my first artistic development and use its destruction to create something new, is a bold statement, both of 'upcycling' materials, and create a new artwork out of old artwork. The total of cut-up paintings are measuring approximately 150 m2 of details of paintings, which are cut into rags of 50x50 cm. These 'pixels' are arranged into a self-portrait of a 137.5 m2 large 'patchwork' After all, the used details ('pixels'), were painted by me, therefore a self-portrays directly concerns my person and my vision of the world, which is visualised with in the artwork.