This is the poetic title of an installation consisting of a mural, canvases, drawings and spatial works that are installed in one space as a composition in which word and image interact.
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The title comes from the remarkable Google translate translation of the English phrase "No plan's land in Wonderhand", from English to German. This installation is based on the twofold idea that 'truth' is based on facts such as language and physical laws and on the rendering of a personal search for that truth - in my case - from my artistic-philosophical preoccupation.

Recent social doubt about what we adopt as facts of alternative facts and vice versa has an important impact on this work of art.

The following statements give guidance in this installation:

• In my opinion, an artist is always looking for some form of truth. This does not mean that a representation of, for example a landscape, must represent the landscape in question as realistically as possible, but the goal why that landscape was chosen as inspiration for the artwork. That view then becomes truth.

• Truth is an opinion and an opinion becomes truth. As on the internet / Google even the translation of sentences is specified to the individual user.

• The installation is composed on the 'statement': Definition-paradox-chaos. I experience that statement when creating a work of art and the goal that I have with that artwork.

• Like paintings will exercise a specific emotion to the viewer, the installation excercises an experience of the space itself to the viewer.

• The titles of my works and the works themselves are usually equally important. In this installation (the creation of) titles are visually part of the work.

• The installation allows others to experience what the 'feeling' or 'tension' is, that I experience during the making process of an artwork.

• The installation is in fact nothing more than the representation of inspiration and the doubt that evokes ideas and the energy that art creates.

Installation "Im Wunderland fliegen keine Flugzeuge" 
at Joslida da Conceição gallery
18-03-’17 / 02-04-‘17